Recent Failure of Roads including National Highways in Kerala

Failure of roads leads to the heavy loss of public money and discomfort to people for their movement with loss of time,money,fuel loss& working condition of various offices.In Kerala standard roads are seen rarely.The roads present may designated as”Lowways” rather than “Highways” from engineering point of view as its position is at a low-level with respect to adjacent land.Also the width of roads are seen as narrow.A road should be developed to a proper width in the initial stage itself.Once a road is a developed in a narrow width,its future development to necessary standards is seen as comedy in Kerala because of various interference from public.In the present type of construction without considering the importance of foundation and drainage is a major fault.No one is bothered about the bottom part of the road.They are working in the top portion of roads just like keeping the face smiling with darkness in mind.
In Kerala the engineering departments are trying to implement advanced type of construction such as Bituminous Macadam and white topping without correcting the existing faults of the roads(not rectifying the bottom portion of the existing roads.The lack of supervision and the lack of experience&training(Both the Engineers and Contractors)are major concern accelerating the failures.Another interesting factor in Kerala is “In certain engineering departments,Mechanical&Electrical Engineers are supervising Civil Engineering works with a common man’s knowledge creating dangerous structures to the Public.It is funny to notice that the time available for Preparation of Detailed Project Report&Execution time is only 20%considering the time required for necessary sanctions.Tendering and Agreement&Shifting of electrical utilities,Telephone accessories,Water supply&Sewers.It is normal practice by water authority officials dig(in certain cases full width)the newly constructed roads with/without permission from concerned agencies in Dry seasons(As the demand of water is important in that season)leading to heavy loss of Public Money&bringing back to 30 years back condition
There is no proper mechanism to examine the various roads under the jurisdiction of each engineering departments at least once in a month.The concerned engineers should visit the respective roads assess the present condition suitably.The departments should have an internal repairing unit at least in district wise to take immediate action rather than tendering and doing it after two years by pumping more air to balloons.Drainage of water in the existing roads should be evaluated and suitable arrangements for drainage should be established to protect existing roads.New roads shall not be constructed without assessing and providing suitable drainage system&sufficient width.
Another important scenery in Kerala is the disappearance of footpaths from existing roads with the road development creating accidents to Public especially school children.In some cases a white border is marked,but there is no use,the drivers of various vehicles try to follow free air passage width,even without considering the tar edges as traffic awareness is very very poor in Kerala.
The Medians provided in the existing roads should be assessed and corrected as it creates accidents in certain cases.In some cases the tar levels are reached less or near to median top-level due to resurfacing.The roads should be marked at least in humps&crossings and the humps should be designated&provided scientifically and may be provided in necessary cases only.It is another important factor in road accidents as it is artificially created.
In Kerala,the best alternative to this kind of problems is to establish a well-developed Railway Network with necessary road connectivity to Major stations.As there is no real estate business in Railway development,it may see in white papers only.


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