Kerala Water Authority Tracer/Overseer Grade 3 Latest Advice Position:OC-685,E-692,SC-SL-30,ST-ALL,M-sl-24,LC-SL-3,OBC-712 ,V-733,SIUCN/AI-676,HINDU N-732A,OX-SL-3A,D-806 Total Advice:819

  1. Please note that 125 vacancies of Assistant Engineer has been reported from the Local Self Government Department before three months ago. However, the advise has not been made by the Regional Office,Ernakulam. It is known that, the delay in advise is due to some clerical error that had occurred in the previous advise. It may be noted that, punishing the candidate by delaying advise and thereby appointment , for the mistake committed by some of the officers of the KPSC is an example of the inefficiency of Commission, and irresponsibility of the Commission towards people

  2. Hai sir, My rank is 495 when i will get advice from PSC…if you have any idea please share…

    • You can expect the advice in a nearby future, if the officers of LSGD are reporting the vacancies correctly in time. Also they are holding around 40 No.s of vacancies and denying the opportunities of freshers.The rank holders association should exert suitable pressure at suitable level for opening such vacancies also.

      • It is known that all the candidates in the main list except the last one has selected for advice by the public service commission. No one is there to exert the Regional Office , ENKLM PSC to dispatch the advice list to the LSGED Departmnet. Please come on and go to the PSC Regional Office and do anything possible

      • Is there any Rank Holders Association please note the delay and exert pressure on the PSC Office , Ernakulam

  3. Sir,
    I heard that supplimentary list get cancelled as soon as the main list is finished even if vacancies exist….is this true….pls give a reply…

  4. Is KPSC is delaying the advice procedure purposefully ?. Is there any nexus between PSC officials and the temporary A Es working in LSGED? Government has sanctioned creation of new post within days. But the KPSC could not advice the rank holders even after three months from an existing rank list? What is the business of the PSC. Is all the persons in the PSC are useless?

  5. The Regional Officer has finally decided to dispatch advice to the Department. The Delay is mostly due to the reason that the process are being carried out at a Regional Office. There fore the Commission should study the use of Regional offices whether they are necessary for candidates. The Regional Offices are functioning for the promotion scope of the officers of PSC. The work done without using computers are delaying as far as possible by the employees proving that acute shortage of staff affects all the work of the selection process. They demands more staff for their promotion possibilities.

  6. All candidates in the main list except the last one has been advised by the public service commission.

  7. I got the advice letter on 8/06/2013..

  8. As per the latest update from kpsc website advice letter for 125 rank holder were issued.

  9. only 7 left in main list

  10. Is there any possibility for me to get advised my rank no. is SL-LC-12 and the last advised is SC-LC-10 rank no 11 is TPO.?
    Can anyone explain?

  11. Sorry cici please contact with the KPSC to know the possibility of advice. NJD may help you.

  12. sir i have a rank of 40 in supplementary list of LC . there is any chance to get an appointment in lsgd section

  13. sir, my rank list no. for tracer kwa is 550.can i hope to get advice memo.

  14. Sir,My rank 553 for tracer KWA.I s any chance to get this job?please reply to mail id

  15. sir ,how many vacancies are reported for LSGD gr.1 overseer? I am included in the supplymentary list for OBC as rank no.5 (list no.12/2017/ss IV).is there any hope for me?

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