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Technical Posts In Kerala L.S.G.D.(Engineering Wing) – Holding For The Staff From P.W.D & IRRIGATION

Even though the kerala Local self Government (Engineering Wing) has its own Engineering cadre, it requires one Chief Engineer from P.W.D.,Assistant Engineers,Overseers permanently deployed from P.W.D and Irrigation Department. But in case of one Chief Engineer post – the deployed Chief Engineer from P.W.D.- reverted to P.W.D. from L.S.G.D. So there is no Permanent deployment from P.W.D. to L.S.G.D.At last L.S.G.D. got its own Chief Engineer – promoted from Superintending Engineer.New P.S.C rank list is available for the recruitment of Assistant Engineer/Assistant Town Planning Officer.But Local self Government (Engineering Wing) is holding some posts ~ 50 (Assistant Engineer) for deployed personnel from P.W.D/Irrigation. if these posts are open to new candidates, a minimum of 50 number of Assistant Engineers will get employment. Also Local self Government (Engineering Wing) is holding some posts ~ 175(Overseers) for deployed personnel from P.W.D/Irrigation.

Kerala government created new overseer posts in lsgd engineering wing

Kerala government created 50 first grade overseer posts,26 second grade overseer posts and 185 third grade overseer posts in lsgd engineering wing.

Kerala lsgd chief engineer is reverted to PWD

Kerala local self goverment department engineering wing chief engineer K.Sundaran is reverted PWD.Earlier goverment shifted one chief engineer post from pwd to lsgd engineering wing.

Kerala irrigation department reported assistant engineer(civil) vacancies to psc

Kerala irrigation department rported 21 assistant engineer (civil) vacancies to psc.