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Promotion of Clerks as Senior Clerks in Kerala LSGD Engineering Wing

Kerala LSGD Engineering Wing Department Promoted 45 Clerks as Senior Clerks.View the Promotion Order: .

Permanent Deployment of Ministerial Staff from Kerala PWD TO LSGD

As part of Decentralization of Powers Kerala Public Works Department Deployed 564 (Administrative assistant-1 Divisional Accountant-14 Junior Superintendent-18 Clerk-324 Typist-105 Peon-102) Ministerial Staff to LSGD on Permanent basis. The 15 Junior Superintendents are exempted from deployment. 53 Staffs approached Hon: Administrative Tribunal and the Hon: Administrative Tribunal has issued orders for keeping this 53 staff in the PWD under the benefit of rule 7 of the KS&SSR.View the Order: . New relieving time extended Order:
Latest Relieving time extended Order:

Kerala PWD General Transfer 2013 Lists Published

Kerala Public Works Department Published General Transfer 2013 Lists of Assistant Engineers,Third Grade Overseers,Clerks and Typists.View Assistant Engineers Transfer List:
View Clerks Transfer List:
View Typists Transfer List:
View Third Grade Overseers Transfer List:

Deployment of LD Clerks from Kerala PWD to LSGD

kerala PWD deployed 62 LD Clerks to LSGD for the tenture of 2 years.

Permanent deployment of ministerial staff from Kerala pwd -Posting orders issued in LSGD(EW)

Kerala goverment deployed 564 ministerial staff from pwd to lsgd.Now LSGD(EW) issued posting orders of deployed ministerial staff.Order is available on

Kerala Lsgd published general transfer 2012 district wise draft list

Kerala lsgd published general transfer 2012 district wise draft lists of U.D.Clerks , L.D Clerks and Peons.

Deployment of L.D Clerks from agriculture department to lsgd

Deployment of L.D Clerks from agriculture department to lsgd for the tenture of 2 years.