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The Chief Engineer, PWD Administration has transferred and posted 7 No.s of Assistant Engineers to Office of the Chief Engineer, Design & Administration, Thiruvananthapuram. vide order no.EB3/7054/03(VOL.IV) dated 06.08.2012.It may be due to the non-availability of vacancies in such a case.PWD may post Assistant Engineers without any vacancies in certain situations.The Chief Engineer’s office may not be sure of the details of Assistant Engineers in various stations.Also PWD may post excess Assistant engineers on a standby mode in certain occasions. But in LSGD(Engineering Wing), even the normal vacancies are not filling with the current rank list of Assistant Engineers for LSGD.View the Order


The PWD is appointing Assistant Engineers to its supernumerary posts, even though the availability of permanent vacancies for such posts may not be known to them. In the posting order of Assistant Engineers in PWD vide order No.EB3.7054/03(VOL.IV) Dated 25.07.2012 of the Chief Engineer, PWD Administration, TVM, it is mentioned that “In the event of discharge from service for want of vacancies, they may either re-register their names in the concerned office of the PSC from where he/she is advised and get themselves re-appointed on further advice by the PSC or he/she may wait for his/her turns for re-appointment to the post in this department etc.”. The Chief Engineer, PWD may not be sure of incumbency details in such a case. Earlier in PWD it was mentioned that Excess posts of Assistant Engineers were available in PWD and they deployed some of its technical staff including Non Joining Duties(NJD) to LSGD. New technical staff were recruited to such posts based on the detailed estimates of PWD without any plan. At the same time LSGD is still holding posts of Assistant Engineers as vacant for deployment, even though a huge list of candidates for the Post of Assistant Engineers are available through PSC. LSGD may not be aware of such supernumerary posts and destroying chances of fresh postings in such a case compared to PWD. Promotion of Assistant Engineers to Assistant Executive Engineers in LSGD is in various proportions (Not in 1:3 ratio as mentioned in Special Rules of LSGD Engineering wing)and is subject to the final judgement of Honorable High Court of Kerala. Diploma staff in LSGD is trying for more promotion chance to the post of Assistant Executive Engineer compared to other Engineering departments in KERALA.In one side their may be excess technical staff in PWD, they are posting new technical staff in an Express highway speed at other side.Deployment in PWD may be to kick out of some of its staff who don’t have any hold and at the same time to post new ones for such vacancies.View the Order

Technical Posts In Kerala L.S.G.D.(Engineering Wing) – Holding For The Staff From P.W.D & IRRIGATION

Even though the kerala Local self Government (Engineering Wing) has its own Engineering cadre, it requires one Chief Engineer from P.W.D.,Assistant Engineers,Overseers permanently deployed from P.W.D and Irrigation Department. But in case of one Chief Engineer post – the deployed Chief Engineer from P.W.D.- reverted to P.W.D. from L.S.G.D. So there is no Permanent deployment from P.W.D. to L.S.G.D.At last L.S.G.D. got its own Chief Engineer – promoted from Superintending Engineer.New P.S.C rank list is available for the recruitment of Assistant Engineer/Assistant Town Planning Officer.But Local self Government (Engineering Wing) is holding some posts ~ 50 (Assistant Engineer) for deployed personnel from P.W.D/Irrigation. if these posts are open to new candidates, a minimum of 50 number of Assistant Engineers will get employment. Also Local self Government (Engineering Wing) is holding some posts ~ 175(Overseers) for deployed personnel from P.W.D/Irrigation.

Kerala lsgd reported vacancies to psc for the post of assistant engineer/assistant town planning officer

Kerala lsgd reported 27 vacancies(5Fresh+22NJD) to psc for the post of assistant engineer/assistant town planning officer

Kerala pwd/irrigation assistant engineer (civil) vacancy

Kerala pwd reported 49 assistant engineer(civil) vacancies to psc

Kerala irrigation department reported assistant engineer(civil) vacancies to psc

Kerala irrigation department rported 21 assistant engineer (civil) vacancies to psc.

Kerala lsgd assistant engineer/assistant town planning officer vacancy

Kerala lsgd reported 12 NJD vacancies to psc for the post of assistant engineer/assistant town planning officer

Kerala goverment created new assistant engineer post in gramapanchayat and assistant executive engineer post in blockpanchayat

Kerala goverment created 203 assistant engineer new posts in gramapanchaya and 65 assistant executive engineer posts in block panchayat to overcome the shortage of staff in lsgd engineering wing.